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5 things you Probably didn't know about Starrett Optical

The Starrett Optical Projector can be traced all the way back to 1965.

After more than 100 years of expert precision tool manufacturing, in 1990 The L. S. Company saw an opportunity to meet new challenges in the market by expanding the product range. Buying over our then partner company which was started by former employees of a quality performance engine manufacturer, we developed our now world recognised Optical Profile Projectors from their original designs. The Starrett Precision Optical division was set up in our Scottish Borders facility where the range has grown and developed ever since and is still made to this day.


We hold the world’s largest range of Optical Profile Projectors

Between our multi-functional build designs, our application-designed software and our wide range of additional features you can choose a Starrett optical system entirely around your specific part application. Choose to replace your lenses for a camera to allow for instant DXF comparison, or incorporate edge detection to increase readout accuracy. From extended work stages to interchangeable lens turrets, you can create the right solution for you.


We offer Custom Made Solutions

Outside of our already extensive product range, there is even more from the Starrett Optical range. We have built our products on the understanding that every business is different and so requires different solutions. If you can’t find the answer within our existing product line, then our special gage engineers will take up the challenge to find you a new solution that works.

Contact the Starrett Metrology Team to discuss your application and find custom solutions


We support locals within our workforce.

Relying on the expert knowledge and skill set of the local communities around our facilities, the Starrett optical range is made by a localised team of long-serving professionals who have been trained and developed within the company. We work hard to inspire loyalty in both our workforce and our customers with dedicated support and product training on all our systems.


Performance Engineers Love Starrett Optical

With the sturdy reliability of classic Metrology technology – the Starrett optical range is perfectly suited to the busy workshop conditions of a manufacturer’s floor. High load-bearing work stages and user-friendly software, mean that our systems are perfect for heavy-duty components that require unquestionable accuracy, particularly in performance industries where stringent regulation must be applied to deliver top results from your products.


Horizontal Dual Lens Optical Comparator system

HD400 Optical Profile Projector


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