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A new vision of metrology

For years in metrology, compromise has often been the norm. Now, we can combine optics with linear encoders and data processing to produce an advanced level of precision measurement.


For years, compromise has been the norm – choose optical systems for a sturdy and stable result, or choose vision systems for accuracy. Each need in direct competition with the other; brain and brawn battling it out for priority on your investment. However, with today’s new technology, these compromises are a thing of the past. Now, we can combine optics with linear encoders and data processing to produce an advanced level of precision measurement. Utilizing all the best features of both optical comparators and vision metrology systems, creating a new product category, Digital Comparators.


Dimensional Metrology Systems facilitate critical measurement of medical parts, but with so much choice and technology available, the selection of a system can be challenging. Today, the demands in medical part inspection are continuously increasing. With tighter accuracies and traceability pressures, the need for 100% inspection assurance has never been more important. Although many manufacturers have been accustomed to using go-no-go methods of gaging; such as the use of overlays or functional fit gages, many of the higher-end products have moved on to newer advances in Vision Metrology.


A digital comparator is a vision metrology system that functions like an optical comparator. The Starrett  HDV Series – or Horizontal Digital Comparator, also utilizes a DXF “digital overlay” instead of a traditional overlay system. Balancing between its two personalities, The HDV is set apart from the original measurement processes that for so long have captured the medical industry.

Starrett HDV500, Vision Measurement SystemThe Starrett HDV500, Vision Measurement System

Built with a robust steel housing and reliably strong load bearing cell , the HDV is one of Starrett’s most diversely purposed machines. Similarly to an optical systems, the HDV is build to accommodate the discrepancies caused in a clamorous work environment such as a factory floor or workshop. This is something most vision systems would struggle to achieve. It also features a range of work stages going up to 810 x 200mm with 500 x 200mm of travel on the top range products, and also the potential for custom build designs.

Perhaps, one of the more impressive features of this Vision product is it’s immense load capacity that rivals any other product of its type. Capable of reaching up to 150kg on our top range model – the HDV500. This makes the HDV series ideal for a broad range of industries with divers application needs, from the tiny details of needle manufacturing to the robust components of a jet engines.


Ultimately, the goal in any good inspection program should be to attain maximum gage repeatability and reproducibility (GR&R). It should also provide comprehensive data for statistical process control (SPC) and traceability. The HDV series operates as a highly sophisticated vision system under the latest Metlogix M3 software, which provides full profile analysis functions, ensuring for reliable GR&R and output control. The system automatically finds and tracks the edge, meaning an inspector can instantly compare a part profile against a nominal CAD model. Meaning tremendous amounts of data can be collected quickly and easily from each part inspection, as it is archived and documented with date, time, lot number, job number and so on – removing operator error from the equation.


The two sides of this machine take from the very best technology available in each of their fields, joining together to create a single comprehensive and highly capable product. With the HDV, not only are we the closest we have been to 100% inspection, but inspection speed and output can also be dramatically increased due to automated measurement systems. Compromise no longer has to come with every solution with a Machine that was designed to be both the brains and the brawn of the application – the new vision of metrology is here to make your decision simple.


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