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Welcome to Starrett – the home of precision, quality and innovation since 1880.

We believe that quality products start with quality tools.

At Starrett Metrology, we produce highly precise measurement equipment designed to give our customers confidence. From concept to creation, our systems invest precision into every manufacturing stage, with simple, innovative metrology solutions that add measurable value to the business production line.

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We manufacture industry leading metrology solutions. Used internationally in high value quality assurance production lines, Starrett Metrology Solutions reach engineering industries from both fundamental and specialised product outputs – including medical development, automotive components and plastics.

Our experienced teams specialise in providing three key equipment types within quality assurance metrology – Optical Comparator, Vision Systems and Force Measurement Systems. As well as offering a special gage service for custom built solutions that optimises our customers part design and testing performance.


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From our Scottish premises, we distribute to partners based all over the UK and Europe covering over 20 countries across the full product line. Each of our dedicated distributers are provided with specialist training and support, so that every customer can get the full Starrett experience, no matter where their business is based.

To this day we remain driven and dedicated to creating industry leading solutions that uphold the Starrett promise – to deliver precision, quality and innovation in our products and a service tailored to you.

Contact your nearest Starrett distributer today and let us find the right solution for you. 




Here at Starrett, we believe that the right solution can only be found by ensuring a strong working relationship with our customers. Which is why we have a dedicated team of product and assembly engineers, maintaining the highest standards in all our services throughout your product’s life cycle.

View the Starrett Metrology team here:

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Financial Director
Nicky Richardson
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SPO Production Manager
Craig Tibbits
starrett metrology maintenance technician
Robert Redpath
SPO Support Specialist
starrett Metrology product support headshot
Wendy Stewart
Customer and Production Support
Rachel Hunter
Marketing Coordinator