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How To Choose your Optical Comparator

With more features and options than any other manufacturer in the market, we thought we would make it easy for you to choose your Optical Comparator when you shop with Starrett Metrology.


Choose your Projector

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Starrett HD400 Demo

The first step is easy, browse the Starrett-Metrology website to see which of our classic Optical Comparators best fits your application. Do you need a horizontal or a vertical measurement?  Are you looking for a simple solution with the HE400, or do you need to use multiple lens magnifications with the HD400? Are you needing a larger product solution to accommodate a heavier workload with a Starrett Floor Standing system? Choose your Optical Comparator to match your main application needs.


Choose your Read Our System

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Next, find out what readout system is best suited to you and get the fitting kit to match. We carry multiple user-friendly readout solutions that are fitted according to your choice at manufacturing.


Select your lens options

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Starrett OV2 Lense

Select which range of magnifications you require, or add the Starrett OV2 video inspection lens to your system for a superior measurement performance.


Choose you Accessories

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Finally, select from our wide range of standard and customised holding vees and vices to get the best display for your application.


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