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We specialise within three key areas – Optical, Vision and Force technology, manufacturing a wide range of capital equipment including optical comparators, video and inspection systems, multi-sensor measuring systems, and force and material testing equipment.

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For industries that handle our health and wellbeing, total assurance is essential. Not always an easy task when dealing with such a vast assortment of parts. From a tiny heart stent to weighted joint replacements, Starrett has developed a solution. Our HDV Series has proved particularly popular in this field with its advanced vision system technology mounted on a strong optical body.

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Whether your product is in racing car engines or aerospace components, you know that precision designs can make the difference when it comes to performance. In the clamorous environment of a workshop, where everyday movement can affect a result, our Optical Comparators are built to withstand the vibrations that can affect your applications. So you can ensure that your products perform the way they should.

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The plastics industry is changing, but consumer needs are not. This means that not only do we need to ensure accuracy from our injection mouldings, but we now need to ensure that second-life plastics uphold the quality we have come to expect. The Starrett Force range has been developed for automation meaning they can be fully integrated into your existing part production line, so you lose no time in ensuring your plastic parts are up to scratch for your market.

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The more accurate the design, the cleaner the result in energy generation. Better fitting components measured on our optical comparators result in less mechanical resistance, meaning your product operates more efficiently and reduces energy wastage. As more methods of green power come into production, the assurance of efficient product design remains the foundation of developing a cleaner, more sustainable energy sector.

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Products where not only the precision of the craft is essential but also the effect of the aesthetics, require solutions that have flexibility. Inspecting multiple and varied small parts, magnifying for precise assemblies, and identifying defects immediately with ease. With our AVR systems – which can be fitted with a range of measurement options – we can provide that flexibility to pull your product into a league of its own when quality means everything to your business and your customers.


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