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Medical Industry Manufacturing Solutions

It will come as no surprise that the medical industry has been placed under huge supply and demand pressures in recent months. As global need for product continues to sore under the weight of Covid-19 and restrictions remain ever present on our factory floors, the responsibility on manufacturers has never been more imperative.

Ensuring value on quality, whilst also tackling the many hurdles of the pandemic, is the new normal for medical product manufacturers. Companies rely on innovative tools and techniques to maximize production whilst also maintaining a safe and Covid friendly work environment.

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Maximizing Medical Production

2020 saw an unprecedented and sudden appeal for health care equipment from all over the world. Addressing the shortages of ventilators, PPE and testing equipment soon became the top priority for manufacturers from every industry – resulting in a global demand for new equipment and materials.

“To meet the urgent global demand and to alleviate shortages, many manufacturers from outside of healthcare are now reconfiguring their business to develop and produce medical equipment and supplies.” – Med

Precision assembly products, such as sheet metals, fasteners and plastics were in rapid demand, and many companies turned to the aid of specialist metrology equipment to ease their new found quality control requirements.

Starrett Solutions

Adaptive machinery was a key tool for a smooth and successful transition – as a lot of businesses delved for the first time into medical product manufacturing.

The Starrett HDV series is normally an industries favoured solution in the measurement and inspection of orthopaedic products. Read our feature on the Starrett HDV500 – A New Vision of Metrology However with the cancellation of elective surgeries, these demands were temporarily replaced with the need for quality medical assembly products. The sophistication in the HDV series, is that the systems are designed to handle larger, bulkier medical products whist also operating as a highly accurate vision system – meaning these systems are particularly adaptable to fit many application requirement.

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Flexible Systems for a Flexible Workforce

Along beside the huge production requirements placed upon manufacturers, we have also seen a drastic reduction in workforce availability – as infection rates forced many workers to remain at home. This only heightened the pressures on production, not only in the absence of many critical skill sets, but also within the swift flow of the industry supply chain. Less workers, meant less production and less production, meant slower movement at all stages of the supply chain – from raw materials to logistics to final product.

Businesses had to seek new suppliers and equipment to mitigate the risk of faulty or lost production, and flexibility between worker and machine was an important place to start.

Starrett Solutions

In order to meet these new demands, machinery needs to be widely accessible, easy to train on and highly reliant for a fast, accurate delivery.

Systems such as The New AVX550 are a particularly suited choice for achieving flexible results. As a the latest addition to the Starrett vision metrology range, the AVX550 is best suited towards small and repeatable part applications due to it’s quick application design and data recording software. Pattern recognition turns tricky, complex inspections routines into an almost instant process, with less need for user input. Once a program has been created, small parts – such as heart stents and other biomedical products, need only be placed on the workstage for the systems to recognise the part and with one touch begin the test – results then being stored directly the businesses existing file saving system.
The system is a one touch, multi-sensor measurement solutions that prioritises efficiency and minimises error – ensuring a smooth and continuous output or reliable products.

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