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Medical Inspection Solutions from Hipp Endoscope and Starrett

During these strange and challenging times, we at Starrett have been working hard on new and exciting projects to keep our industry, and the industries we work with moving forward.

We are delighted to finally introduce you to, our new partnership with Hipp Endoscopes, who will be representing Starrett Metrology Products from their German premises in Freiburg. Hipp are a family founded engineering and servicing company that caters to the needs of the Medical Inspection Industry. The Company is run by two brothers based in Southern Germany.

We caught up with one of the brothers this week to give you an insight into their company. Meet Frank!

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Hey Frank! Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hey! I originally come from a small village called Kolbingen in the Tuttlingen area, that had become known as the heart of the medical world. Therefore, it was inevitable that I was going to become a part of this industry. I trained to be a surgical equipment mechanic initially starting my career out with a company called Aesculap AG in 1983 which lead me to working with companies such as Karl Storz, Henke Saas Wolf, travelling between many locations from Freiburg to the USA.

With my brother being in the same field of work and the experience we had gained throughout the years, in 1996 we took the plunge and founded Hipp Endoscope.


Tell us about the Hipp journey?

Starrett Germany Distributor Products


Initially our business plan was based purely on the servicing of medical endoscopes, then later adding the repair of industry borescopes to our line.

This of course lead directly to the manufacturing of industrial borescopes which was in high demand. Throughout time we added on a customised service, fulfilling many unique tasks. We have been in manufacturing now for 14 years for industrial rigid borescopes and are proud to say that our brand name ‘HIPP’ is very well known in the German market.


What originally inspired your work?

At the time we were receiving many repair requests from various manufacturers of borescopes. I guess it was the technician in me who prompted me to want make things easier and better within the industry. Having an impact on the workflow of the customers and being able to show them how much smoother processes can be by providing efficient services made me happy and eager to take it further.

When it comes to the industrial sector it has a very different attitude from the medical sector. Therefor having insight to both sectors, it was inspiring to speak to people who were facing problems and working with them to find solutions for what the industry lacked in.


 Why Starrett?

Starrett Germany Metrology distributer


Although our products are different, we are selling into the same industries and potentially to the same customers. Also, having built a personal relationship with Starrett and learning to know their product range, I am excited to introduce my customers to them.


Going forward, what are you most excited for?

For my business, I look forward to where the journey continues to take me, especially going forward with a new partnership. Although, most importantly, I look forward to watching my children grow healthily and being able spend time again with my loved ones, near and far.


Thank you so much Frank, we really appreciate your time in letting us get to know you and your company. Hipp Endoscope are an Official German Distributor of Starrett Metrology Systems for Optical, Vision and Force


To learn more about Hipp Endoscope and Starrett, Contact the Team,  or to find your nearest Starrett Distributor, visits our Distributor page 


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