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Microscope Measurement Made Easy with Starrett Field of View

Field of view measurement by Starrett Metrology offers a simple yet effective solution to microscope inspection.


If watching our parents try to read a text has taught us anything, it’s that the smaller something gets the harder it’s going to be to inspect. The same goes for measuring parts in manufacturing. As a valuable resource to any research lab or quality control line, the humble microscope does a pretty good job at helping us to see tiny products with ease. But what happens when we need to gather data on those parts? How do we accurately measure something that we can barely touch without breaking or distorting it in some way? Introducing Starrett Field of View Measurement.


Measure Small parts with Micron Level Accuracy

The Starrett KMR FOV Microscope Measurement System

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The Field of View product line is a part of Starrett’s vision measurement range. It consists of two styles of machines – the HVR100 also known as ‘the Flip’, and the KMR family. These Systems are non-contact meteorology machines, used for many common inspection challenges. Offering measurement solutions for small parts with up to  +/-2.5 micron accuracy – that’s 1/40th of the thickness of a single sheet of paper!


No More Complicated Formulas

The Starrett HVR-100 (Flip)

HVR100 Horizontal/Vertical Vision System

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Starrett’s Field of View products work by offering a single calibrated system set up – with one fixed lens and one fixed work stage. This design allows you to measure entire parts to exact scale with the machine already programmed to calculate discrepancies caused by the microscopic dilation. A pinch and zoom feature also allows you to get even closer into those tighter spots, with the assurance that the machine is doing all the calculations for you. This means minimal operator training and fast repeatable measurement.


Import and Export Data

You can input existing programs into the system or build a new program directly within it. You only need to do this once because the system can save hundreds of data files at any time. Once saved,  the product will automatically recognise any part that appears in the field of view. It will instantly pull up its program and start taking measurements, all without you having to touch a single button.


Instant results and clear pass / fail reports

You can even set up exactly how you want to view your data. Apply tolerances, choose data analysis and select your preferred display formats. Starrett field of view systems will tell you in seconds if the part you are measuring passes or fails the filters you set.


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