New To Starrett Metrology! The AVX550 Multi-Sensor Vision System

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New To Starrett Metrology! The AVX550 Multi-Sensor Vision System

The Next Evolution of Starrett Vision is here, with the New AVX550 Multi Sensor Vision System.

Quality control labs and multi part manufacturers can now inspect, measure and record even more applications with higher accuracy and control. The New AVX550 offers the latest in Starrett Metrology technology to deliver a faster and more efficient part testing process.



Improved throughput for multi part Quality Control

The AVX550 system is designed entirely around creating a faster and more cost effective quality control routine for production manufacturers. Equipped with the user friendly M3 software package from MetLogix, the AVX550 offers popular features like Instant Part Recognition, Superimaging, Programmable Lighting and CAD File Comparison. These combined with it’s unique design, makes this system one of our most versatile multi-sensor platforms available today.


“We are pleased to offer our customers a powerful, easy to use multi-sensor measurement system which streamlines and optimizes the QC process,”

“Using a single system, production parts can be examined on the shop floor or in the QC lab on macro and micro levels as one comprehensive process.”

Mark Arenal, General Manager, Starrett Metrology Division

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Starrett’s First Gantry Design System

The AVX550 has a stage travel of  550mm-400mm-250mm (X-Y-Z), and a speed of 100mm per second-  creating a large workstage system with a faster performance. The AVX550 is Also Starrett’s First Ever gantry design product. Plus, featuring a sturdy three part granite structure to produces a highly stable run and accurate test results.


Starrett Vision AVX550

Three Feature Sensory Inspection

Switch instantly between two lenses without the need to dismantle or recalibrate. You can choose from Starretts range of interchangeable telecentric lenses for a dual magnification results, or incorporate the 0.14x Zoom lens for a collaborative inspection routine between FOV and Zoom measurement. The AVX550 is also Touchprobe compatible and will automatically reprograms to fit the chosen lens or sensor after initial set up. Choose features that will create the ultimate flexible systems for multiple part measurement, or use all three sensors within one program, for a thorough and reliable result.


The AVX550, is now available to order from Starrett Metrology. Contact your Nearest Starrett Distribute to arrange a free no obligation quote, or Contact the Starrett Metrology Team Directly


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