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Our Measurement Optical Comparator Systems

Our Optical Comparator systems are manufactured without compromise, they provide time-tested and cost-effective solutions for industrial measurement. At the heart of our optical products is precision optics, superb lighting and a highly accurate work stage. We ensure they all combine bright, sharp images and exceptional accuracy. Our vast selection of styles, sizes, stages, lenses and other accessories allows us to have an optical comparator for almost any application.  


Horizontal Benchtop Profile Projector 


These projectors offer time-tested, cost-effective, solutions for non-contact measurement. They are simple to use, have great capacity, and perform superbly. The Horizontal Benchtop Profile Projector satisfies an exceptionally wide range of dimensional inspection applications and complex measuring requirements. Their precision optics, superb lighting and highly accurate work stage are at the heart of them. We ensure they produce bright, sharp images and exceptional accuracy.  


Vertical Bench-top Profile Projector 


Our Vertical Bench-top profile projector offers high performance at a low price, we designed them to meet the demands of the modern industry. We can combine mechanical stability with precision optics and versatile lighting to produce bright, sharp images and exceptional accuracy. Our mechanical designs are now enhanced with the latest metrology software for unmatched flexibility and productivity.  


Floor Standing Profile Projectors 


As well as our popular benchtop systems, which are ideal for your smaller part measurements, we also carry a range of floor standing optical comparative systems in both horizontal and vertical measurement orientation. These larger machines offer a wider and more robust work stage with a higher load limit of up to 150kg.

Horizontal Dual Lens Optical Compactor

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