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Plastics Industry Manufacturing Solutions

Plastics have modernised and enhanced the manufacturing world as a cost effective, flexible and readily available material. With many of the benefits found in traditional manufacturing goods, plastics can easily be adapted to fit almost any production brief from a wide range of industries.

“Since the very beginning, plastic materials were born as a solution for the substitution of scarce and non-sustainable resource such as tortoiseshell, ivory or animal bones. Since then, plastics have shaped the world bringing safety, hygiene, comfort and wellbeing to our society” – Plastics – the Facts 2019 Report

The infinite potential of this material puts the plastic industry at the forefront of modern production methods and at the heart of innovative advancement across the entire manufacturing sector.

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Innovation at its best

One of the key benefits of plastic is that – like metal – there are many different versions of the material, each with unique properties to suit specific manufacturing needs.

With such high levels of flexibility, it is the job of the manufacturer to use these materials in the most effective way that is going to create the results they need. Ensuring quality and product consistency is, therefore, a key step to producing a cleaner, smarter, and more efficient product line.


Starrett Solutions

Material testing is not only a popular way to ensure product strength – it is a highly effective method of performing advanced analysis on the structural properties of a product sample.

Products like Starretts L3 software, are designed to give fast and accurate readings into how a particular material performs under a variety of common stresses. Whilst also allowing the user to understand and better predict the lifetime performance of the part.  It is technology like this that gives manufacturers a better chance of developing products that meet their design and service life requirements – reducing wastage and lowering environmental impact.

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Second Life Plastics

However as an industry not without it’s controversies, there remains the conversation around how plastics are affecting the environment. End of service life planning is a big factor in the design and manufacture of many plastic product, as well as identifying how the industry can improve it’s waste management processes. A part of this comes down to choosing the right materials for the right job, understanding service life duration and recyclable properties of each material.

“PlasticsEurope’s “Plastics 2030” Voluntary Commitment has taken the industry to the next level of engagement by establishing ambitious targets and initiatives to prevent the leakage of plastics into the environment; increasing the reuse and recycling of plastic packaging waste and contributing to resource efficiency benefits.” – Plastics – the Facts 2019 Report

A report found that Since 2006, the amount of plastic waste sent to recycling has doubled, and with this impressive statistic comes the opportunity to assure consumers, that second life product are just as reliable as new.

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